Prayer Letter 05/05/11


Hi all,

As you probably all know by now Kate and I are in the process of getting visas etc to move to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We are going to be house parents in Zanethemba Child Haven.

The purpose of this email is to update you with what is happening at the moment in this journey and to provide up to date and more specific prayer requests. If you do not want to receive emails from us about this topic please feel free to let me know, and i will remove your email form the list.

Over the past few weeks we have been getting as much paper work together as possible to support our visa applications. This has been difficult as we still haven’t managed to get through to the the South African Embassy due to the volume of calls through their phone system. Once we have managed to piece together all the paper work we can, I (Richie) am  planning to take a day trip to London to go in person to the embassy. We are currently waiting to receive back a Police Certificate for Kate and two for me, as I need one from Southern Ireland as well as from the UK.

Currently Kate and I are being mentored, seeking God’s healing and freedom so that we can draw closer to Jesus in seeing His Kingdom grow in and through our lives.

It has been very encouraging that some close friends have taken it upon themselves to do some fundraising for our move. God has really blessed us through their actions and made this whole adventure more of a reality to us. Thank you!

At this time could you please pray:

  • Protection from the enemy for the boys and us.
  • That God would continue to bring healing and freedom from the areas that have controlled us in the past.
  • That intimacy with Jesus would always be our focus and vision.
  • That as the boys grow up in Zanethemba that they would take ownership of the vision as a family.
  • That God would give us wisdom as we step into this new chapter.
  • That God would provide for all our physical needs.
  • That God would give us favour with the South Africa visa authorities.
  • That the Police Checks would be processed quickly.
  • A breakthrough with the visa application process, finding out what information we need to put our application together.
  • As our friends step into fundraising for us that God would bless them immeasurably.

Thank you for your time and prayers

Richie, Kate, Joseph and Reuben

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