Walking After You

The first time I heard this song a friend told me it was written by Dave Grohl for his wife. I think it reflects the heart of Jesus in His love affair with us. Jesus is the pursuer, the bridegroom, the one who gave up everything to get us back. We have been finding over the last number of weeks that as life gets busier with  “South Africa stuff”, God is simply asking us to abide in Him. To surrender, lay everything down, and simply spend time loving & being loved by Him. In surrendering our time and agenda, we’ve found God moving obstacles that we couldn’t have moved on our own, and so we’re reminded again of how desperate and needy we are of Him, but also of how relentless His love for us really is.

We’ve messed this up so so many times… rushing on ahead with the “to do” list & missing out on what’s best… this love affair with Jesus… only to end up striving & getting stressed in the process. What I love about Jesus is that He loves us back to Him again, whenever we do this time & time again… He pursues us with love, because He is love & He can’t help it. It’s who He is. Through a song, a word or a hunger & longing in our hearts we cant ignore.

So we had been having issues with getting information on how to get visas & it looked like Richie was going to have to fly to London in the hope of getting the relevant info! God just stepped in & solved all the issues by helping us make contact with an embassy in Dublin, that we’d been told didn’t exist anymore. And so yet again we are reminded that really, He just wants us to come to Him with our “stuff”, our hearts, thoughts, anxieties & emotions & lay it all at His feet as an act of worship. Trusting that He is big enough to carry it all & to replace it with perfect love. He is so good & it feels at the moment that He is ticking all the “right” boxes on our behalf rather than us getting to tick our boxes at the expense of what’s most important: the beauty of Jesus.

Knowing Him… what He likes & doesnt like. What makes Him happy & what doesn’t, is so key in this love relationship & I suppose we’re being brought back more & more to the fact that our primary calling is to be the best receivers in the world of His love, so that we can then give from a place of fullness. He is so full of love, so lacking in fear & insecurity, so full of abundance & acceptance of us in all our brokenness. So as He fills us may His love overflow & leak out everywhere we go… not because of who we are, but who He is in us. This is the gospel & it is such a joy to be in love with a King who loves us first & initiated this entire relationship! So that’s where we are r.e “all things S.Africa” at the moment… at His feet in worship, & trying to stay put. If we choose to trully look at His face, I don’t think our hearts will want to move anywhere else.


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