Please Dream

Kate and I just had to share this video with you all. It shows both Zanethemba Safe Haven and Sinakho Day Care. When we watch this video and see the joy that God has brought into the lives of children from very difficult back grounds, we know we want to be a part of it. It is such a privilege to be able be a light for God to these children, His children, and not because of who we are, or what we know, but because of who we know … Jesus!!

Both Kate and I started dreaming with God about working with children who have nothing over a decade ago, when we were still in school. Over the years God has directed, changed, and made the dream much bigger and continues to do so. With permission God has taken our dream of working with a few children in one location and supersized it into His dream of being a mother and father to thousands, over multiple locations, and through multiple different types of projects, that might or might not need to be set up. As I am writing this I feel like I sound like I am boasting, that I think I am something special, but the truth is God has big dreams for you too, here and now, and in the future. God’s dream for our lives doesn’t make us special, His love for us, that is so great that He freely gave His life on the cross, is what makes us special.

If you had told Kate and I a few years ago that God’s dream for our lives was to move to South Africa with two children, one under a year old and one who will have just turned 3, we would not have believed you. We would have ruled it out simply because of the age of our children, but now it is a reality. God opened a door, all we have to do is trust Him.

Brennan Manning reflected towards the end of his life that “the defining moments of my life have not been my sins or my successes. They’ve been a depressingly small number of decisions that involved real risk.” No matter what stage of life you are in, God has a dream for your life, and He wants to provide everything you need to fulfil that dream. It might not be in our timing, in the way we would do it, within our comfort zone, or the most comfortable life, but it will be the most exciting and fulfilling life we could choose. God’s dreams often involve risk so that we will fully rely on Him. As John Wimber said “Faith is spelt R – I – S – K”

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