Prayer Letter 07/06/11

There has been a flurry of activity since our last letter.  All the police checks are now in, with the Irish authorities pulling out all the stops to correct the mistakes on the police certificate they sent me. So thank you for all your prayer about these forms God really has moved a mountain with getting these forms in place. We now also have our Medicals forms for the four of us sorted and the Radiology report for Kate and I sorted as well. We have received the official letter of Invitation from Zanethemba. This means that the only outstanding items we need before we can apply for the visas are booking the flights, and proof of sufficient financial means. We are also in the process of getting the certificates we need to put the house up for rent and hope to get it on the market soon. With all this progress we are getting closer and closer to setting the date of our move.


God has been transforming Kate and I as well. With God revelling His love and freedom in our lives. It has been a privilege and honour to see the transformation that God has bought about in our lives. As we draw closer to moving God is revealing more that the best place for our family is in His will, that we can’t do this in our strength, that there is nothing special about us, it is God who strengthens, empowers and equips us to do His will. With Him all things are possible, in His strength, for his glory!

 As we step into this new chapter of life thank you for standing with us in prayer.
At this time could you please pray:

  • Breakthrough in fiance: That God would open the door to get sufficient proof of financial means for the visa application & that He would speak to people about joining with us and supporting us financially. 
  • Wisdom for Richie in relation to his work
  • Protection from the enemy for all four of us
  • Healing for Kate from diabetes (this would be very useful in the move!)
  • Our family time/prioritising our time correctly as we prepare to leave N.Ireland.
  • Comfort for our families as we prepare to leave
  • For God’s words and vision to share on th 19th
  • That intimacy with Jesus would always be our focus and vision..
  • That God would give us favour with the South Africa visa authorities.

Thank you for your time and prayers

Richie, Kate, Joseph and Reuben

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