Full Steam Ahead!

Sorry about the lack of updates on the blog, life has been extremely busy getting everything prepared for the move to South Africa. So much has changed and moved forwards since our last update & we are currently expecting this coming week to be full of huge steps forward as well.

So what has changed?

As you can tell from the photo opposite our house has gone up for rent. This has led to a flurry of activity to get the house ready for advertising photos to be taken & for the viewings. It is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated since we moved in 4 years ago.

We have also provisionally booked our one-way flights to South Africa for the first week of October. This was a lot harder than I had thought could have been possible. It’s amazing how many airlines don’t provide the provision to book one-way tickets.

At 9a.m. Friday morning, I was in the South Africa Embassy in Dublin in a haze of thoughts about documents, finance & how much more stuff the embassy was going to ask for, waiting to be seen. I had been up till 3 the night before sorting out all the different  parts of our applications & was decidedly lacking in sleep. 15 minutes later I was leaving with the good news that there was only three outstanding issues with our application, all of them minor.

On Sunday morning we started the process of raising the support we need to make our dream a reality. We got to talk at the front of B.C.V. about our plans & dreams, asking people to consider joining with us by supporting us through prayer & finance. Due to South African law we can only work as volunteers, so our support will be mainly gifts from individuals within the UK & Ireland. We have worked out that we need roughly £1500 a month to meet our family’s needs, health insurance, education, medication & so on. For more information on how to support us check out the Contact and Support page.

We also have a very busy week coming up! On Tuesday we have 5 viewings booked in on our house of potential tenants. We are in the process of enrolling Joseph in a pre-school in South Africa, which we are hoping will provide new stable friends for him & help his transition to Africa. Also if we manage to rectify the outstanding issues with the visa applications by Friday we will be aiming to apply for the visas on Friday. Life is definitely not dull at the moment.

Through out all of this busyness God has been so real to us we are amazed again & again by His generosity & His sustaining power. He has been teaching us about Himself as Father, to both us & the children we will be looking after. He has not only been providing each step forward towards Africa, He has also been transforming Kate & I preparing us for the adventure that lays ahead.

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