A short pray update

Hi all,

Thankyou all for partnering with us in prayer, we truly appreciate the support you provide. Without God & prayer we would never have got this far!

Since our last prayer update I (Richie) have handed in my notice at work, & finish work on August 31st. Also we have been looking at the calender, we aim to leave for South Africa in less than 2 1/2 months. This is far closer than we had previously realised… the time is flying.


Both Kate & I now know when we are due to leave our current employment. Please pray that we would both use our last few months in work well & leave well. We long to see God break out in our work places & within the employees there.


As we moved out of our house we sorted out & packed what we would like to bring to South Africa. We are currently measuring the last of these items & will then be pricing the costs of shipping. Please pray that shipping would go smoothly & would be a reasonable price.


We have just gone through all the pledges for monthly financial support that we have received in writing. We currently need 83 people to sponsor us £10 a month to meet our monthly financial needs. Please pray that God would provide the rest of the finance that we need, that He would speak to the people He has to support us.


We will be applying for visas in 4 weeks (set by the embassy). Between now & then we need to get proof of our finances sorted. Please pray that we would have the proof of financial means & that visas would be issued without a hitch.

Thankyou so much for all your prayers

Richie, Kate, Joseph & Reuben.

(Ps if you have felt that you would like to support us financially, could you please email us to let us know the amount so that we know the outstanding amount. It would also be very helpful for the visa application… thank you!)

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