Getting Close…

Our Shipping

First of all a huge apology that it has been so long, too long since we have posted anything on the blog. It has been an amazing but very busy month. God has been so faithful over the last four weeks, supporting & holding us as we draw closer to our departure day.

In our last prayer letter we told you about how everything we needed to do this last month looked like an un-climb-able mountain. But God has moved these mountains & now they are no more. The last blog entry was written the day we applied for our visas & so much has changed since then. I (Richie) have finished working my job and have been focusing fulltime on getting ready for South Africa. I naively thought that once I had finished my fulltime job life would calm down a bit & be less busy. Since then all the stuff we were shipping to Africa has been packed, measured, weighed, re-packed, labeled & shipped. Just as the all the boxes were being picked up from our friends house, (thank you so much for letting us take over your livingroom for four days), we found out that our visas had not been issued & the embassy was looking for further proof of our financial means. We had to ship our stuff to Africa not knowing if we had visas or if we could get them. The embassy wanted bank statements showing the donations we said we were our financial means of living in South Africa. This was not possible. After a panicked & quick prayer of “God help” we felt God ask “do you trust Me”. We phoned the embassy & explained our situation, to our surprise they, after a few other suggestions that were not possible, asked us to get a signed affidavit from myself stating what support we had. We contacted a solicitor & explained the situation. He pulled out all the stops & not only provided us with the affidavit by lunch the next day but also refused all payment. God truly can move mountains! Three days later we found out we had been issued visas. Two days ago we picked them up!

We are now due to leave Northern Ireland in 14 days flying out to South Africa in 19 days. God has kept this dream alive in our lives for many years & over the last four months at the times that it all seemed to be slipping away He has stepped in & moved the mountains & saved this dream again & again. He has shown us vividly over the last few weeks that He wants His dream for our lives to be achieved more than we do & we know that this is true for your God dream as well. God has a dream for all of our lives,  where His love sets us free, where is wisdom & strength equips us to see His Kingdom expand, His love setting people free from the pain & turmoil in their lives & when we grasp a small fraction of this dream, it looks so big to us, God is right there encouraging us to “dream bigger, dream bigger”. As we step into the next stage of God’s dream for our lives we are painfully aware that it is us that limits the size of the dream, not God!

1 thought on “Getting Close…

  1. Thinking and praying for you as you get ready to leave NI. Keep in touch. We do miss you at work, but you are going to do HIS work which is far better. God bless!

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