1 & 1/2 days…

dearest one and all,

Hello there! Just a very quick update… We arrived in Dublin last Thursday night & fly out from Dublin airport this Wednesday at 3.30pm. Wow! We’re excited…! Goodbyes were exceptionally hard. We are still reeling from saying ”see you later” (the much easier version), to close friends & family members. Through it all however, God has been so faithful, giving us peace & his assurance that now is the right time to do this crazy thing. His mercies really are new every morning & we are seeing that with very new day, He really is meeting us with mercy & kindness to get us through the emotion & pace of gearing up to leaving this Wed.

Time with Dublin family has been so precious, and we are so so grateful to all our northern friends & family for your amazing generosity, love, prayers & support. We’ve seen God move in the big and the small things of late, giving us opportunities to pray for folk as we left Belfast, & then His constant reassurance of His goodness in the form of provision & people’s encouragement, even in these last few days. We got to skype Zanethemba haven last week & they filled us in on a little girl who was found abandoned & brought to the haven at 2 days old… she will be only 8 weeks by the time we reach the haven! This news encouraged us again that this exactly is what we want to give our lives to… speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves (proverbs 31:8) … in essence being Jesus’ hands & feet to these children. He’s the vision, He’s the prize, He’s all we’ve got!

The boys are constantly a lesson to us in what it looks like to have a childlike trust of our father in heaven. They trust us to make the right decisions for their future & the right decisions for them as a family… exactly how i want to be with God. We know He’s called us for such a time as this, to love kids in his name & we cant wait to see the change that is going to come about in our lives as a result of following Him to s.a. Right now, we’re praying that God will enlarge our hearts in order to be able to count the cost of discipleship & get on that plane (!) and also that He will increase the capacity we have in our hearts to receive directly from Him & then to give from a place of being absolutely, completely FULL! We are aware of how easy it would be to throw ourselves into serving these kids without waiting on God to fill us with His love & power first… & so please join with us in praying that He will keep us utterly focused & dependant on Him in order that we might love the kids from a place of overflow…. we want to be trully overflowing with His grace & goodness & love every day & not relying on our own strength & getting burnt out in the process. thankyou!

We are so overwhelmed & grateful to each & every one of you. thankyou for taking the time to read this & for sending us to love these kids & see more reached for the sake of the king & his kingdom.

we love you.

k. x x x x

1 thought on “1 & 1/2 days…

  1. Good luck as you all set out on your new lives, I am so sorry I didn’t get to say “see you later” but I’ll be following your blog with great interest and i hope someday we will meet up again.
    Denise Stephens xx

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