Christmas Greatings

Drawn by an 8 yr old in the Haven

Happy Christmas! We hope that you are all well & enjoying the Christmas celebrations. May God bless you with peace & joy this year! We pray that Jesus would be more real to you this year than ever before!

Christmas is two days away & we are nearly organised. We have been making decorations, telling the nativity story numerous times, making Christmas crackers, making & sending cards, singing & listening to Christmas songs, watching “The Snowman” with the children, organising a present for each child & receiving cards & presents from home. It has been a hive of activity. Truth be told, we have been far more festively active this year than we have been for a long time, & yet we are struggling to feel “Christmassy”. It is not cold outside & you need it to be cold outside to feel snug inside. There is no fire in the fire-place. There is no blue spruce fir-tree smell from our artificial Christmas tree. The list of why it does not feel “Christmassy” goes on & that is not even looking at being far away from friends & family. To be honest not feeling “Christmassy” has been a huge blessing to us. It has caused us to refocus on what is Christmas.

Over the last few years I have tried to re-capture the feeling of Christmas or “magic” of Christmas through my sons, through their excitement of receiving presents & having fun. What I needed to do was to refocus on Jesus & what Christmas means, not focus on the material side. This year has been a chance to do this. To realise that Christmas is a celebration of having an amazing, good God, that Christmas is the celebration of the start of the rescue package for the whole world, the rescuer that is Jesus. Celebrating Christmas is celebrating when God made it possible to enter into a close, loving relationship with Him again.

Don’t get me wrong I love the tree, food, cards, songs, & all the rest of the tradition that comes along with Christmas, but they can’t make Christmas only Jesus can. We pray that this Christmas you would each have an encounter with Jesus that would usher in His peace, presence, love, hope, and amazing purposes for your life. amen.

lots of love,

Richie, Kate, Joseph & Reuben. x x x x

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