“Faith is being sure of what we hope for, & certain of what we do not see.”


Dear friends,

we hope this finds you all well! we thought some pictures of the last few weeks would be better than lots of words on a screen from us. To fill you in, we were feeling quite overwhelmed in the last month particularly with living here & then God said some really key things to us. Thankyou for your prayers! We have both been so assured of His goodness, compassion & pure undeserving mercy of late. He is calling us into greater intimacy with Him & we are really enjoying the sweetness of His presence on a daily basis now. We are also both feeling a lot more energised & like we really will run & not grow weary. It has been nice to waken up in the morning & feel joy, instead of feeling like “how many more hours til I can sleep again?!”

We have felt very challenged to press into more of God in the area of faith, but also stepping out in praying for healing & seeing people come into connection with Jesus for the first time. We had the privilege of joining the Bethel team in a local hospital last Friday & saw people instantly healed & children giving their lives to Jesus. I was so moved by this & felt the Lord gently rebuke me with “why are you waiting for an invitation to step out & pray for people? The harvest is ready!” We are so aware of this at the moment. People are ready all over this city to give their lives to Him & if we just look at Him, He’ll lead us to them. By the hand if necessary!

The 2 new children (7 years & 4 weeks old) are really thriving. Our resident 7 year old’s health is improving on a daily basis & as of this week we have been able to get out and about more with her, which is really encouraging. Thankyou to those who prayed for her regarding health. She is just a different little girl to the one she arrived as, just over a month ago. Thankyou Jesus! 🙂

We had a valuable visit from Grampa Wes for 2 weeks which was lovely as we got to celebrate his birthday together. We’re also really looking forward to a visit from Richie’s mum & dad in the next week. They will also be here for 2 weeks staying with us & we’re really looking forward to some quality time spent with them & the boys.

With much, much love & faith & prayers for even greater things to come,

k. x

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