Moving Forward

Hi all! We left haven life last Wednesday and have been staying in 2 different friends homes since then.. life has been full! My mum came out for a month to help us move out, and we said goodbye on Monday.. made easier  by the fact that we shall be living with her in Belfast in 2 weeks time. Amazingly, God has provided us with a car for the time we’re going to be living in Belfast (thankyou wonderful Gibsons!) and we’re feeling very loved on by friends and family in Ireland & S.Africa for all your guys’ support. THANKYOU! Each and every one of you.

Today in the haven we know that 2 sisters shall be leaving to go to their forever home. It is hard not to be there, but God has been dealing with our hearts during this time. Pouring out fresh measures of his life, hope and love… holy spirit has been such a wonderful friend. Truly bringing comfort, peace and help. He is faithful. Joseph turned 4 on the 12th of this month, but as we knew we were moving on the 5th we decided to celebrate him on the 1st, with his friends from school, and haven friends. Our boys continue to transition this season with courage and wisdom. They have not complained once about the upheaval of moving.. their toys being packed away in boxes, or Joseph moving out of playschool. They have made us so very proud. They understand that we lived in a ‘special house’ where children came to live because they needed God’s love, and then they left to go to the new house God had for them. They understand now that God also has a ‘new house’ for us to move to. We have no idea yet where this will be long term, but we are fine with not knowing everything yet. We only need to know the next step. His word is a lamp to our feet, and a light to our path, and He has been lighting up for us only the next step over the last few weeks.

We’ve spent some time laying it all down again, the dreams, the vision, the precious kids, the “call”. We felt Him lead us to lay all this down again. We do not want an assignment upon which to hang our own personal worth. God, please save us from that! It’s not God’s heart, to get our worth from function. Our sonship/daughterhood, always has to come before function, or an assignment. He has been showing us that again of late. I am personally enjoying revelling in that right now… our personal worth and identity do not come from what we do… our personal worth comes from the cross & the person and love of Jesus… so we can do whatever He asks of us from a place of rejoicing in who He is in us… our identity cannot be the “vision”. So we laid it down & I said to the Lord “really God, I totally understand if you would rather we just go home, maybe adopt a child in 5 years time, and live a safe life. I would actually be in favour of that right now.. really, it’s fine with me.. I’m giving you my heart, this desire to establish safe homes for children, these dreams, my marriage, Joseph & Reuben.. etc etc”

What did He say? Nothing at first… just filled me again with His love, peace, acceptance, forgiveness. Then He reminded me of whenever He called the first disciples. I read Luke 5:1-11… the disiciples had spent all night fishing and caught nothing. Jesus told them to go back out into deep water and let down their nets “for a catch”. Simon replied “we’ve worked hard all night & haven’t caught anything, but because you say so I’ll let down the nets”. Jesus spoke to my heart when I read these words & said “I want you to do this again… exactly what you have been doing. But this time I want you to do it because I’m telling you to… not because someone is inviting or asking you to.”

He’s so good! He hasn’t put these desires and dreams in us without reason, but because they are all a part of His divine plan for the world.. we just needed to get our identity straightened out. We’re royalty… princes and princesses of the most High King… beloved children of our Heavenly Father.. disciples… before we are “do-ers”. Our identity cannot come out of a place of “doing”, that will lead only to burn out.

Recently, there has been heavy flooding in Walmer township, 20 minutes from where we live. With no sewage or drainage system in place, this led to homes knee-high in rain water. Sickness levels increased due to lack of sanitation. I had a dream a few weeks ago in which we were part of a group of people walking through Walmer township, having to orientate around the standing floods. As we were doing this we walked through wet, muddy leaves, refuse, branches, in an attempt to reach the other side. As we were walking, I saw a small hand sticking out from under the wet leaves. The people in front of me were walking on top of the sloppy ground, missing that someone was lying there, hidden underneath. I reached for the small hand to pull a child out of the drenched, muddy earth, fearing they would probably be dead, or at least require resuscitation. The child was alive! Not only that, she was beautiful, totally filled with the glory and goodness of God. Made in His image, perfect, absolutely radiant with the presence of God. The fear of discovering a dead child left me, and as this girl was pulled to her feet, another hand became visible from underneath the mud. I called to others to come help me rescue these children… some did and some others kept walking. I woke up knowing that God was commissioning us to find these kids. To intentionally search for them, bring them out of hiding, to show the world how beautiful they already are.. how beautifully He has made them.

So it’s most definitely not over.. we are very hopeful in our last 2 weeks in S.Africa that God will open doors and give us favour in connection with the “right” people, to lead us forwards. Thankyou for standing with us and for praying for the Zanethemba children, and for children who are abandoned, abused, neglected or orphaned. Thankyou for standing with us as we declare that this is not their identity, but He is 😉


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