2013-07-15 23.57.11There is a wonderful African proverb which says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Having spent the last 2 weeks with our Southern Irish family, we are so aware of the fact that we cannot do this alone. We need each other. We need the body of Christ. And we are so grateful for every person along this journey who has stood beside us & confirmed our calling to His children. Many know the impact they have had on our lives, but there are many more who are blissfully unaware. Each one of you, please know that we could not be in a position to make this next step of relocating again back to SA without your love, prayers and friendship.                                                                                                                       Thankyou.

We cared for 3 siblings who had been orphaned & were living in Zanethemba last year. They would sometimes talk about their mum. We would chat together about their memories of her. I remember listening & telling them that I couldn’t wait to meet their Mama in heaven, to be able to tell her what amazing children she had. I also dream that one day everyone who has been involved in “sending” us, and others, shall be introduced to folk in heaven whom they have indirectly cared for. Although the Kingdom of heaven can look small like a mustard seed, Jesus said “when it grows it becomes a tree, so that birds of the air come & perch in it’s branches”. (Matthew 13). Our dream for Penuel is that it would grow much bigger than “us”, and eventually become established in many countries worldwide. I love that the “tree” in this scripture becomes a home providing rest, safety & shelter.

Life over the last few weeks has been full of many paradoxes. One minute I’m excited that finally this dream that we have spent over half our lives praying about is taking shape… and the next minute I’m crying over the fact that we won’t be able to see Irish friends and family so easily anymore. One minute I’m enjoying every second of quality time spent with family, and the next weeping over the fact that when we move, our kids will miss out on time with their grandparents, families and friends who love them to pieces. God is going to work all of this together for the good, as only He does best. Paradox. When we look at the face of Jesus we know it is okay to live in this tension. His presence is with us in this place. There is movement in tension, and where there is movement there is life. Where there is life there is love & we know that love must be at the centre of all of this. Love is all that counts in giving away what we’ve so freely been given.

The things that have been causing me to flap and stress of late, have been melting away in His presence when I re look at His face & the fact that we were never ever meant to do this thing on our own. Richie and I need Jesus and one another more than we ever have before. We love each other immensely but are also acutely aware of how much we’ve received from authentic community and relationships with people who’ve supported us, particularly throughout the last 12 months. From prayer, to a car, to a house, to financial support, to advice, to a shoulder to cry on (or rant on, as has been the case with me!)… you know who you are. We are eternally grateful.

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