Prayer Letter 17/07/13

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for walking this journey along with us as we step out to establish a new Safe Haven in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It is a very exciting time for us, but it would be wrong to pretend that it is not also a very difficult time. Once again we are getting ready to say goodbye to family and friends.  Every objective we achieve reminds us that we are one step closer to painful goodbyes.

Having said that with each objective achieved our excitement levels also increase. It really sank in, on Friday last, that our imminent return to Port Elizabeth is really happening. After a week of packing up boxes, labelling and measuring, our shipping was picked up and is now on its way to PE. Seeing the boxes that will help us start up a new haven, driving away on the start of its journey, gave us the realisation that the countdown to departure has started. We will be leaving Northern Ireland on the 24th August and then flying to South Africa from Dublin on the 31st August.

We are also very excited to be able to announce the launch of Penuel Children’s Foundation’s website, facebook page and twitter page:



Twitter:     @PenuelChildren

Penuel Children’s Foundation is an organisation awaiting charity registration in the UK. Kate and I invited a group of 6 friends to establish this organisation to provide an avenue to see vulnerable children rescued from unsafe environments marked by severe poverty. We are very excited to be starting the first Penuel project with our partners in South Africa. We look forward to see other people join with us to see children rescued worldwide. We are very grateful to Andrew Rossborough from “Solid” ( for the wonderful work he did designing our logo and website.

The launch of the website, facebook and twitter pages will directly impact how we will communicate with you. All project updates will go through the above avenues of communication, along with a newsletter from Penuel Children’s Foundation. To receive this newsletter, please email us at

Due to the data protection act we cannot and will not add your email address to the Penuel Children’s Foundation Newsletter. Therefore, if you do wish to receive it, please email us at: stating you would like to receive the newsletter.

We will continue with these email prayer letters and our blog (, but from now on it will be about our personal journey as a family. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. Please also know that we are praying for each one of you & your families, that you would know even more of the breadth, length and height and depth of His great love for you.

Please Pray for:

  • Protection for all four of us as the departure date draws closer, especially in the area of physical health.
  • For God’s love to surround all our “goodbyes”.
  • Give thanks for God’s wonderful provision and faithfulness to us.
  • Give thanks for our wonderful family and friends and all their support and encouragement.
  • That God would give us wisdom for how to use our remaining time wisely.

We thank God each day for each of you. Without your support and prayers none of this would be in any way possible. This is not an individual’s journey but a gathering of like hearted people who together are seeing children rescued, and brought into the fullness of the knowledge of His love for them.

With much love and thanks,

Richie, Kate, Joseph and Reuben.

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