Prayer Letter 07/10/2013

Dear Friends,

We hope this blog finds you all well!

We have spent the last month learning our way around Joburg, settling in & interning at Masiphane. A typical day here starts with an early rise, getting the kids off to school & then meetings at 8.30 with one of the Masiphane directors (David or Caroline Webb). Here, we are taught about policy, procedures & SA Law. At 12.30 we fetch Joseph & Reuben, & then go to one of the havens until around 5.30. We arrive back at our flat at around 6pm, where we get to enjoy time as a family. This is a real time of preparation for moving to Port Elizabeth & opening a new safe haven. Each day we are taking significant steps towards not only seeing this new haven opened, but also being able to run it well.


First Month:  “The happiest days are when babies come” (Gone With The Wind)

These words felt very apt on the day Caroline Webb, Marquita & I brought a 10 day old, one month old & 25 day old to their new home! I don’t think I will ever forget that day… not only was it a privilege to be a part of rescuing these children, but God also taught us the truth behind Ephesians 6:18 “pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers & requests. With this in mind, be alert & always keep on praying for all the people.” We’ve realised that if we don’t stay in prayer, we will not be able to sustain this kind of ministry.

There have been numerous stories we’ve both heard or seen, in our short month here. With each story our heart’s cry has been: “God! What a rescue!” We have heard stories of children rescued from brothels, children raped & becoming pregnant at the age of 11, children severely abused by witch doctors in order to “remove evil spirits”, children found abandoned in fields…hospitals… & the stories continue. In every life rescued, God’s light dispels all darkness. We have a God who has overcome death & darkness, & we’ve seen His love bring healing, love and restoration to the hearts of His children. How He loves them!

In a continent overburdened with crisis due to severe poverty & HIV/Aids, havens are a part of the answer. In each situation, the children are traumatised, on “high alert” & in survival mode when they first arrive into a haven setting. Slowly but surely the love of God disarms every bit of darkness & fear that each child carries. This happens by God empowering a mother or father figure to unconditionally love the child, (including working with any professionals necessary). The perfect love of God, dispels fear. He comforts. He listens. He embraces them. God intervenes on the child’s behalf… that the child would become free from fear & open & receptive to love. He brings freedom & deliverance, which allows them to be children again. To learn through play, discover the world around them & to enjoy life with God. He sings over them as they fall asleep. He cries for the pain they have suffered & then commissions men & women to welcome these little ones into their (& His) family. He heals them, because He’s already paid for it all. He breathes His resurrection breath into their lungs, & hearts. He restores them. He is so, so close to every one of these children. “The Lord is close to the broken hearted & saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34) He eventually places His children in families, & He uses His hands & feet – the body of Christ, to do this. 

One of my favourite stories of the last few weeks, was when one of the kids got to choose a movie one Friday evening. He chose a cartoon Jesus movie. I was slightly confused that he didn’t choose Cars 2, (these boys are obsessed with cars!) The movie told the life of Jesus in an age appropriate way & ended with his resurrection. I watched it along with the kids & then asked a few wee questions to see if they’d understood what they’d just seen. I listened as the kids used their simple words to explain the life of Jesus to me. We then prayed for each other just before bed. One of the staff prayed too. She gave her heart to Jesus after having heard the kids talking about Him. Astounding, amazing, wonderful God! I love that the kids led her to the feet of Jesus.

I was asked to stay overnight at one of the havens last weekend & one of the children asked if they could sleep in my room, instead of his normal bedroom. I explained that this wasn’t possible, but that the next morning they could help me make breakfast for everyone. The child was happy with this & I sang over the kids that evening until they fell asleep (my personal favourite thing to do!). Later though, whilst the children were sleeping, God broke my heart for this child. They needed to be placed in a family, not a haven. I cried out to God for this child, that He would raise up adoptive parents for this amazing little one. The next afternoon, our manager informed me that there is a family now looking at adopting this amazing child. God is so so good & He answers our prayers!

As we look at setting up a haven in Port Elizabeth in January 2014, we are expectant that God will do a great many things in our midst. Most of the time despite us!! Sometimes through us. He is just crazy, madly, completely besotted with all of His kids, including us. And so are we with Him. We have decided to choose an age range of 0-4 years in order to honour our own 2 boys & to maintain birth order. It can be difficult at times with older children in the mix, as they can feel they are the “leader” & this does not bode well with our eldest who is used to leading his brother in many ways. So we are glad that God has shone some light on this for us during our time here. He is guiding us every step of the way. We are delighted to see our boys thriving in life here, under the SA sun.

With much love & thanks for all of you who are standing with us & supporting us to be here. We cannot thank you enough & please know that without you, we could not be doing this. You are each one of you, a vital role in us getting to see God’s dreams for these children come true.

Kate Cathcart.

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” ~ 1 John 3:1


Please pray:

  • That we would all know God’s continued protection & peace..
  • For the boys in Boy’s Haven as they go though a change of houseparents at the end of Oct..
  • That God would raise up adoptive & foster parents for His children.
  • That God would give us favour for setting up the haven in Port Elizabeth.


We are thanking God:

  • None of us have been sick since we got here!
  • For God’s protection & safety.
  • For a smooth transition into life in SA.
  • For all the support & wisdom poured into us from Masiphane.
  • That our shipping has arrived safely in Port Elizabeth.
  • For the staff member giving her life to Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Prayer Letter 07/10/2013

  1. Hi Kate & Rich
    So encouraging to hear your news and the way God is giving you wisdom on how to do this his way & to fit with your own family. I’m so glad the boys are fitting in well. Sounds like a busy schedule though, so will pray for energy & grace. Much love from us!

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