Prayer Letter 18/01/14

Cathcart Prayer and News Letter

Dear Friends,

A belated & very happy New year to you all! We are so sorry for the lack of contact over the last 6 weeks. We have still not managed to get full internet access. On the day Mandela passed away, we went camping with 18 haven children plus our own & we had a fabulous time together. We are so very grateful to Masiphane for providing us with such a wonderful 3 months gleaning & getting the opportunity to serve and love the children who live in their havens.


Port Elizabeth: On arriving to PE on the 12th of December, there were many tears of joy. We were warmly welcomed & Fountain Vineyard & Infinite Life Church got around us, providing manual “moving in” power, meals, advice, donations, help with

moving in & everything else you could possibly imagine. We are so grateful to the Church here in PE for their help and assistance with getting us settled into somewhat of a “normal” life.
Richie instantly stepped up to carry out the structural alterations required to live here as a family that will eventually have 9 children, (plus assistant housemother). We had a severe infestation of fleas from the garden, which took several weeks to get sorted out, but we have just had a full week of not a single flea in sight (!) Hallelujah!! During this time, Richie & I were bitten a lot but the boys very little.

Thankyou for your prayers! The Lord was protecting them (& us) during this time.Due to high incidence of fraud here in SA it takes a long time to get a landline & ADSL set up. We are missing being in regular contact with family, but hopefully this will be sorted out over the next week or so. We have been learning that over the summer months here, people take a very well earned Christmas holiday, but it means there is a definite lull in business/availability during December/Jan.During this season of change and settling into PE life, we have felt the Lord very close to us through the hard bits & speaking to us daily about His desire for us to be worshippers. All of us have spirits & therefore we’re all constantly worshipping something. We become like what we worship. During our first weeks in PE, I was in danger of worshipping a world without fleas, or Mamosa (the little girl we are planning to foster with a view to adopt if possible). We were unable to bring her with us to PE. This was hard, although again God poured out such a deep peace on us as we said goodbye. So meditation on the goodness & mercy of God, as well as praise to Him was and still is a daily reality that we have to contend for. I had a dream after leaving Joburg of Mamosa being baptised as a young girl & in the dream had a strong sense of God’s hand upon her life. He has brought comfort immediately every time we have felt anxious.

Mamosa’s Social Worker in Joburg had said that as soon as the home assessment was carried out in PE we could reunite with her & bring her home. With this in mind, we moved into our new home, decorated her “new bedroom”, assuming the home assessment would be completed in the first or second week of the new year. We told the boys that they were going to have a little sister, called Mamosa. We read them stories about baby sisters & we prayed with them for Mamosa. Joseph & Reuben chose toys and clothes for her new bedroom & we put photos of her with us, up on the new bedroom wall. Throughout this time, we had been in contact with a Social Worker in PE. She made contact with Mamosa’s Social Worker in Joburg & we were told the home assessment would be carried out this week. We were elated.

Then, we had a meeting with a Senior Social Worker last Thursday. She informed us that as Mamosa’s birth mother had signed her off for adoption, an SA family must first take precedence before us regarding her placement. We listened, took advice & left that meeting with peace in our hearts that God Himself had been in that meeting with us. It was not “no”, but all of a sudden things had got a lot more complicated. We do not know currently if Mamosa will be able to come into our care or not. God is our hope through all despair. We heard His voice at the beginning of this process & we have heard Him since. He spoke to us through Matthew 6 “But seek first His Kingdom & His righteousness & all this will be given to you as well”… I also had a Cinderella type picture (!) whilst praying of a Prince (Jesus) with a glass shoe in his hand placing it on an older Mamosa’s foot & felt Him clearly say “this princess is the right fit for your family”.. so now we wait to see His hand to open up this door for us & make a way. We are hopeful. Please join us in praying for favour with the Social Services & Department of Social Development here.

Both of us do understand why a SA family could be better for a SA child, however 10% of the population in this country are orphaned & under the age of 18 due to the HIV/Aids crisis as well as severe poverty. We know we heard God & so now we must simply lock our eyes with His, pray & trust Him. The Social Services in this country carry out an immensely difficult job & we know that our role here in PE is to serve & love them, as well as the SA children. As such, we choose only to speak words of life & encouragement, love & truth & purpose to any & regarding any Social Worker. God has given us a love for them & so there is no frustration or anger in our hearts towards any Social Worker or other professionals. We need each other & we need to encourage one another. We will only bless the South African Department of Social Services in this country. Please join us in speaking words of life & love over them as they work hard to see children placed in families. Jeremiah 29 speaks of need to pray for the peace & prosperity of the city & nation God has brought us to. In these days we are recognising a real need to release & bless every area of government, Social Service authorities, Educational authorities & Health authorities to the mercy & love of God.

We also spoke about the baby haven with this Senior Social Worker & it was agreed that as soon as we have a few more alterations carried out to the house, & have employed an assistant housemother, we should be able to receive children. With unemployment as it is in PE (35%), we have already had CVs arriving in the post. Although things are taking longer than we would have liked, we hope to be ready to receive children by the end of January. Thankyou for all of your prayers. They are invaluable to us & we have felt held close, carried through & lifted during moments of despair. We’ve been encouraged when we’ve visited other baby havens in the city & have again seen the bigger picture & what we will be able to provide by living here. We have also had a steep learning curve that in the midst of uncertainty He is all that we need. Faith for us (especially for me) needs to look more like an internal processing within this cultural context, than an external one, simply to guard both ours & our children’s hearts.

God is the God of family. It’s His idea, His design & His dream for every son & daughter in the world. Thankyou for standing with us as we see PE known as a city filled with sons & daughters who understand their identity as beloved children of God. Thankyou for praying for Mamosa, as well as for the haven children who will be placed into our care in the coming months. We know that even amidst great uncertainty that He is the King of peace & the hope of all the nations. He is a shield around us during this time & we have really felt Him guarding our hearts and minds in this last week especially. We are so grateful that both Joseph & Reuben have settled into their new school well this week & that we have 2 boys living beside us for them to regularly play with, as well as old friends they have reconnected with since returning to PE. We are sure this is the place God has for us to live & that brings us great peace.

One thing that brings me such joy, is the fact that when you look at our house, it is on top of a hill & it is right behind Fountain Vineyard Church (without whom we could never have moved here). When we fell in love with Jesus, we began to love what He loves: His kids, and then His church. On a personal level, I am thrilled that when you look at Mihlali haven, you see the church first. As our home is painted yellow, it reminds me of how the church is the light of the world. That a city (or home) on a hill cannot be hidden, but that our light will shine as the church, & that many will praise our Father in heaven, as a result.

With much love & thankfulness for each one of you,

Kate, Richie, Joseph & Reuben. xxxx


Please pray:

  • For a miracle. That Mamosa would be placed in our family.
  • That God would lead & guide us in selecting an assistant housemother to live with us.
  • That God would continue to lead us in getting alterations in the house set up.
  • For remaining donations of permanent cots, dining room furniture & bed for our housemother.
  • For wisdom with our boys r.e Mamosa, & with the Social Services.


We are thanking God:

  • For His huge faithfulness shown to us.
  • For Joseph & Reuben settling into school & life in our new home.
  • For our partner churches: Infinite Life Church & Fountain Vineyard.
  • For His provision of everything we need.
  • For the Department of Social Development in PE.
  • For other havens in this city serving these children.
  • For old friendships rekindled & new friendships developing.
  • That we get to join in with what God is already doing in this city, placing vulnerable children in loving families.

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