We have been living in Port Elizabeth for 2 months now. I have deliberately put off updating this blog, as it is hard trying to process the last 2 months without having gotten to the end of waiting for Mamosa to join our family. Throughout this time, God has been incredibly faithful. Delays such as SA police checks getting lost in the post have been sped up by friends suggesting we try another avenue, which then led to us receiving our police check within 24 hours. The Lord has been kind to us. (I promise we did not bribe the police!)

We have heard His voice. Whilst listening to God, Joseph saw “jumbled up letters” & then using phonics was able to spell out Mamosa’s name. The Lord has spoken through scriptures such as Matthew 6 “seek first the Kingdom…& all these things will be given to you..” Where I’ve been discouraged & cried out to Him in pure desperation, He has always faithfully “quietened me with His love” (Zephaniah). He has drawn so close in those moments & usually instead of speaking, I have sensed Him smiling… He is pleased that we are pursuing His daughter. He is pleased that we would welcome her as our daughter. I have sensed His joy & this has sustained me.

We have also sensed the broken heart of God in his desperation to have all His children welcomed into a family, & then to see them welcomed into the family of God. God loves family. I have been thinking a lot about the trinity & how they do family, as we’ve been enjoying Mum staying with us these last few weeks. The trinity love each other so much that there is no insecurity amongst them. The Holy Spirit leads us to Jesus, who leads us to Father, who sends us the Holy Spirit. They are in perfect union together & the one prefers and honours the other in a way that is the perfect expression of pure love. They love each other & their children so much, that the Father chooses to be defined by the very fact that He has children. Jesus calls Him Father: “I in them and you in me, so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me” (John 17) Their heart is for us to enjoy unity with them. Jesus is the right arm, the Holy Spirit is the left & together they draw us into the bosom of the Father.

We are still awaiting a court date to have a judge decide whether or not Mamosa can become our daughter. We are hopeful. I feel that the Lord is also using this process with us to show us more of His heart for the social workers in this country. They need our support. They need more homes to become available to place children in, whose lives are in danger due to severe poverty. Our desire is to serve them, as well as to serve the children of this city. God is using this “waiting period” to show us directly what it is like to be in this process. The statistic in this country is that 1 in every 2 adoptions “fail” (i.e the child is returned back to the care system again). God is using the process we have been in, to humble us & help us understand from the inside the uncertainty parents find themselves in who make a decision to adopt. Adoption = bringing children out of darkness into His marvellous light. It does not happen without suffering, persevance, character & hope. We feel that the Lord is using this experience to help us affiliate with other parents who enter this process, but also it is strengthening our heart to see many many more children placed in families, through Mihlali haven.

DSCF1712This is our prayer/worship room that just went up today. The cry of our hearts in these last weeks has been from Psalm 2He said to me, “You are my son, today I have become your Father. Ask me, & I will make the nations your inheritance..” We are crying out to Him for the nation of South Africa to be counted as our inheritance, beginning with beautiful Mamosa. Thank you for standing with us & in doing so impacting this nation to see His kids placed in families & come to know Him as Father. Thankyou!


As we’ve been waiting on a home assessment before we can receive children to Mihlali, we have sensed the Lord leading us to “go where they are.” We have established good relationships with Isithembiso (another children’s place of safety in the city) & Sunrise (a pre-school in Greenbushes township). DSCF0046Upon visiting Sunrise, the Lord allowed us to witness Him healing one man of chest pain, another of pain in both legs & yet another of throat cancer. We have been well & truly amazed at both how desperate people in the townships are & how quickly the King brings the Kingdom there. He is extremely good.

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  1. Big hugs and prayers for you and your family love reading you life and how much you give to others your faith and your drive to make a difference to others love jacque

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