A Brief Update Part 2…

We just found out half of our last post got accidentally left out. So here’s the rest..! Thank you to all of you who are praying and keeping up with this blog. Your prayers and interest make a huge difference in what we’re doing here & we love you!


Please pray:

  • For a miracle! That Mamosa would get to travel back to NI for the wedding.
  • For continued grace and favour as we continue to pursue the adoption of Mamosa.
  • That God would lead & guide us as we bring more structure & management into the every day running of Mihlali safe haven.
  • That God would give us wisdom with how to serve & work with the social workers for each child.
  • For breakthrough in our 8 month old’s long term placement.


We are thanking God:

  • For His huge faithfulness shown to us.
  • For having had precious quality time with “Granny Liz” & Sara in the last 2 months.
  • For our partner churches.
  • For His provision of everything we need.
  • For the Department of Social Development in PE.
  • For other havens in this city serving vulnerable children.
  • For old friendships rekindled & new friendships developing.
  • That one of our children has been able to receive long awaited surgery today, that will greatly increase his quality of life!!!
  • That a family who love Jesus have come forward, desiring to foster our 2 sibling boys longterm!!!
  • For our 15 month old, that the family desiring to foster him have had their home assessment & now only need a court date to finalize everything before he can be placed with them!
  • That we get to join in with what God is already doing in this city, placing vulnerable children in loving families.


A brief update…

Cathcart Prayer and News Letter

Dear Friend,

We hope and pray that this letter finds you well! Time has really flown! it feels like only yesterday we were welcoming our first child to Mihlali Children’s Haven, but in reality it has actually been 6 months.  As I write this, I’m realising it has been way too long since we last sent out a prayer and newsletter. I apologise for our lack of communication.

A brief update…


We have been on a very sharp learning curve with Mihlali. After welcoming our first child into the haven it only took 21 days to fill all the available spaces. Filling up so quickly with children made us realise the need that is all around us in the Eastern Cape. We had social workers sending children from over an hours drive away, as there was nowhere closer to take the children. We also learned that we were not quite ready to have so many children at Mihlali. We are currently allocating more time to the training of our new staff, along with registering Penuel Children’s Foundation SA as a PBO (Public Benefit Organisation). Our focus is to have this home running as effectively as possible.

We have had some problems with 2 staff members moving on for various reasons. However we have just welcomed two new staff, a live in caregiver (Ruth) and a day caregiver (Nomvuzo). This provides us with the capability of catching up with administration, and getting at least one day off each week. We are very excited to welcome Ruth and Nomvuzo to the Mihlali team. They are both gifts from God!

The Cathcarts:

We have had the huge pleasure of having had a month with Sara Browning, volunteering with us, & then also “Granny Liz” spending 3 weeks in our home. We have loved having friends and family to stay, especially as it gave an opportunity for our loved ones to bond with Mamosa. It has been hard bringing her into our family as our daughter & still not having had opportunities to introduce Mamosa to friends and family from NI/Ireland yet.

Kate’s sister Debbie is getting married in November. We have booked flights for Kate and the boys to attend the wedding in Northern Ireland. We have also applied to the courts for permission to bring Mamosa with us. If we are given permission to bring Mamosa we will all then be attending. Unfortunately if we are not granted permission to bring Mamosa, Richie will have to stay in PE to look after her.

It has been a huge pleasure falling more and more in love with Mamosa, and watching a firm bond being established between Kate & I as her parents & Joseph, Reuben and Mamosa. We have been amazed watching how quickly she has bonded with our boys and how much they love her. On several occasions we have caught Joseph and Reuben arguing “no… she is my sister!” They have always ended this argument by agreeing to share her as “our sister” 🙂

With much love, fondness & thankfulness for each one of you,

Richie, Kate, Joseph, Reuben & Mamosa. xxxxx