“You’re safe now.”

These were the words spoken by a policeman to our siblings, as he dropped them off to Mihlali back in 2014.

Then again, this week as we received one of our new mothers to Sharon’s House I heard the words:

“You’re safe here”.

I wonder if these aren’t words we all need to hear in these days?

Richie and I avail of counselling every two weeks in order to keep us doing this work. Recently, I discussed the opening of Sharon’s House with my wonderful counselling-psychologist-buddy, Maree.

We talked through emotional overwhelm together.

“I just want to know if this mother will be okay. To be honest, I want to know if I’m going to be okay….” I whittled away to Maree.

Maree’s response was immediate: “Kate, you are okay. You are okay now“.

And in that moment I realised, that we are each one of us, being loved by our Father in heaven. Right in this moment.


Right Here.



How often do I live in that space of “when I…..then I….”??

How futile it is to wait to be okay emotionally, whilst engaging in a war against domestic violence?

There will never be a right time when all the stars align, to do things such as welcome someone into your home, (or someone else’s) who is fighting the fight of their life.

This is what the body of Christ was made for.


This war.

This moment.

This choosing to receive and believe that God is actively loving each one of us.



“Yokhuselo” means “safety” in Isixhosa. This amazing haven has now become one of our referral points for Sharon’s House.

It is more than okay to feel grief, overwhelm or slightly numb at times. But we hold that reality together with the reality of this obsessive hope that does not disappoint (Romans 5). How can it not disappoint?

Because the LOVE of God has been poured out within our hearts through Holy Spirit who has been given to us (verse 5).

Aaah the love of God!

One of my favourite “honesty” songs is written by Cory Asbury. He sings it beautifully with his wife, Anna.

“My child, you can love again.”

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