Six days in, and what a six days!

The Welcome Poster

God has been really faithful; He has covered us with His love through all the hard & easy stuff. After a tearful goodbye in Dublin airport the boys were spectacular from the very beginning to the end of the travelling. For any parents out there about to travel with a small child… get a trunki! They are invaluable & stopped us almost missing a flight. We arrived in Port Elizabeth tired but really warmly welcomed by our project managers Gert & Eline, their daughter & 3 of the Zanethemba children with homemade welcome banners. Our friends Jay & Jill were also there with their 2 kids. It meant so much to us to have them all there, & the posters now have pride of place on our bedroom wall.

It has been an honour & privilege to get to know the Zanethemba children (currently there are 6, the youngest 7 weeks & the oldest 11yrs). They have all been amazing with Joseph & Reuben who are making firm friendships & seem to be settling in very well. Reuben started to stand on his own yesterday & by the end of the day he took his first step!

Kate & I have been busy getting medical insurance & other run of the mill stuff. God has been amazing through this process guiding us in the right direction & pointing out that our plans are not always His plans but His are far better. We have felt that this period has been a time of God refining us… not always fun but essential. God has been highlighting our rough & ugly bits & has been chipping away at them smoothing them out. Isaiah 48 has really helped with this time (we are literally feeding off God’s word like it’s bread at the moment)… this chapter is all about refining & verse 15 really encouraged me yesterday: “I even I have spoken, yes I have called him. I will bring him & he will succeed in his mission.” It then goes on to read: “I am the Lord your God who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.” We need to pay attention to Jesus right now more than ever before for our own personal sense of peace & wellbeing. Going from a family of four & thinking of only 2 children’s needs changes dramatically when all of a sudden there are another 6 children to consider & there is always at least one other adult in your new home at any given point during a 24 hour period! Richie & Joseph had a little 24 hour tummy bug yesterday & I (Kate) have never been so glad to have another amazing lady to lend a hand! I had Reuben in my arms, Richie boking in the sink & Joseph boking in his bed all happening at once! Thankfully they’re both better now. I was so grateful to the caregiver on with us that night & to Gert & Eline for the diorolyte the next morning. Community is always a huge blessing… & it was nice to be reminded of this at a point when we were finding the sharing of our ‘personal space’ as a family a challenge.

There has been a lot to get used to from 39c temperatures (it has cooled down again but yesterday was the hottest day in PE since ’84) to learning Xhosa, to having a very noisy frog serenade every night, to having praying mantises in our bathroom. One thing is for sure this is not Ireland! Joseph starts his first day at playschool tomorrow & we look forward to getting to know all the lovely people we have met so far better.

We are really appreciating your prayers, thoughts, time & support. Thank you so much – nkosi!

Richie & Kate

1 thought on “Six days in, and what a six days!

  1. glad to hear you have arrived safe and well. it will be hard for you but remember you are all in His hands and no one will pluck you from Him. will remember you in prayer. God Bless!

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