Prayer Letter 01/03/13

Dear Friends,

It is with great excitement that we write this to you. We are now at the stage where we can let you know about some of our future plans. When we left South Africa we felt certain we would be back again, to continue working with children in SA who are from backgrounds of abuse, neglect, abandonment or having been orphaned. The children we served in Port Elizabeth over the last year taught us many things: what it means to have a child like faith, as well as what dependency on Jesus truly looks like. We loved the children & we loved being a part of what God was & is doing in their lives. As we left South Africa to come back to Northern Ireland we knew one thing for sure, we had to go back & continue partnering with God in seeing freedom come to these children’s lives through the adoptive spirit of God. Each of these children truly is a co-heir of Christ. A prince or princess of the most high King.

“God sent His son, to redeem those under law that we might receive the full rights of sons and daughters. Because you are sons & daughters, God sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, the Spirit who cries out “Abba, Father.” So you are no longer a slave, but a son or a daughter, and as such, God has made you also an heir”. (Galatians 4).

We are currently preparing to return to Port Elizabeth and are astounded by how God continues to open doors, and provide partners for us to work alongside. We will be settling in Infinite Life Church as a family, and they have agreed to provide spiritual covering as well as expertise in the establishing and running of this new haven. Fountain Vineyard Church & the Vineyard Foundation have also offered support and partnership to this new venture and we are very excited at how these relationships will unfold in the future.

A possible house has been found for us to run the haven in, which came a lot quicker than expected & we are delighted! We are waiting to hear if the offers have been accepted. If they have, we’ll have a house to rent as soon as we get back out to PE. We are so grateful to God for preparing the way ahead. We are so grateful to the partners who are stepping out with us to see these beloved children placed into forever families. The truth is that there is room for every single child on the face of this planet, in the family of God.

Our aim has always been to provide a short-term safe haven facility that will provide emergency 24/7 care for up to 6 children at a time. Social workers will then secure placement in either a foster or adoptive “forever family” setting. We plan to start small, but with the growth of the charity hope to be able to establish more havens, both short and long term, in the future.

We are also in the process of setting up a charity in Northern Ireland. Thank you so much to the amazing people who have stepped up to be trustees! The vision is still growing, but to start off with we envision the charity to be about awareness and vision casting, as well as a vehicle to support this project in SA financially.

We are currently running some information evenings talking about the future plans in greater detail. We’ve been sharing what God has done, is doing and our hopes for the future. If you would like to come to any one of these, or you have a group you would like us to come and share in, please do feel free to contact us.

We would love if you could join with us in praying for this exciting venture:

  • Praise God for all the partners and individuals that have stepped up to support seeing children placed into forever families.
  • Praise God for all the doors he has opened!
  • Praise God for the £250 already pledged.
  • That God would provide the £1,450 of monthly income that is still needed to start the haven.
  • That plans for the house would come through.
  • For Kate and myself as we press more into intimacy with Jesus.
  • For our two boys, that Jesus would increase His heart in them and be their support and protection.
  • That God would open doors for us to achieve charity status easily and quickly.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

We hope you love this song as much as we do at the moment! It’s sung in the first person (i.e as though God Himself is singing the words)… and I normally don’t like people singing (or speaking!) in the first person about God (unless it’s straight scripture!) but these words are just beautiful. The amazing truth of the Attributes of God is that they (& He) never change… He’s amazing!

Thank you so so much for your prayers and support!


the Cathcarts

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