‘A Hundred Times As Much’…

We have just had a really lovely time spent with family down in Waterford over easter weekend… & we got to meet our brand new baby neice Abbie – she’s just beautiful. It was such a sweet time seeing our sis & bro-in-law thriving in their new role as parents & seeing our children enjoy time with their grandparents, aunty, uncle & now new baby cousin. Jesus is alive & well! Oh how we know this to be true… however throughout the course of this weekend we began weighing up this decision to move to Zanethemba more and more in our hearts… & boy did it hurt! Whilst we do know that we’re called to go do this ‘new thing’… we also would be lying if we didnt admit to feeling overwhelmed at times, and this is when Jesus’ words in matthew 19 really help. “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much & will inherit eternal life”. Our prayer for our families is that this “receiving a hundred times as much” would be literally translated into them seeing tangible blessing in their lives as they release us to ‘go’.

Although at times it does feel like it will take a literal act of God to get us onto the plane & make it alive in one piece through all of the goodbyes etc. at the same time, we know that God is big enough to deal with all of our heart – family/friends & the place they occupy there, included. It does seem more & more to us like it comes down to trust. Trust that the Lord will enable us to do this, & trust that as we release our family into His care that He will indeed take care of them.

We love the Cathcart/Fox/Hamilton families so so much & are very blessed to have them in ours & our children’s lives…


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