Life is busy, very busy at the moment. Kate is now back to work, we are moving out of the house at the end of next week, the to-do list seems to be never-ending. It is easy to get lost in all the deadlines, to lose sight of the bigger picture. To miss the point of why we are doing all this, to draw closer to Jesus & bring Him glory.

Without Jesus we might as well give up now. Without Him at the centre there is no point. We have had to be constantly centring ourselves on Him, drawing life from Him. The last few weeks have shown me how weak I truly am, what I can get done in my strength is truly nothing. My ability to change myself is nonexistent, yet at times I think I can help others change their lives, but I can’t. I am becoming more & more aware of my lack of ability, & lack of strength, but I am becoming more & more aware of God’s awesome strength, ability & desire to change the world, His creation. I am blown away & humbled that He would choose to use me as a vessel of this change. It is easy to look at others & reason away why they are doing what they are doing, why God is using them. But the truth is God wants to use each and everyone of us. He has a dream & a plan for each one of us.

We are not anything special, we have just said yes to Jesus. He is the specialist, He is the one who brings transformation, & our role? – to say yes, to step out where we hear him call, to risk everything with the hope of faith, knowing that where God calls is the best possible place to be.  A friend of ours received a picture from God for us. She saw a tree with roots pushing deeper into the ground after water, & this is the key. We are to be like that tree pushing deeper & deeper after Jesus, after his living water, after deep relationship with our creator. The deeper we go the more we have to offer through Jesus.

Without Jesus we would never even have found out that there is a place called Zanethemba in Port Elizabeth, But not only has He opened the door to Zanethemba, He has made working for him there a real possibility. So much has happened over the last few months, we are still not sure how we have got to where we are now. We are moving out of our house in 9 days, the tickets our bought, the visa applications are waiting to go, our relocation costs are covered, & we only need a further 80 people to donate £10 a month to meet our monthly costs. God has done all of this, all the resources in heaven & earth are His, but once again he has chosen to impact the world through people. Thankyou so so much to all of you who have listened to God’s voice & responded to him in generosity. Without your response this dream would not be becoming reality. This is not just Kate & I moving to Africa, we are playing a very small role. This is the island of Ireland, blessing South Africa. This is each individuals in Ireland impacting South Africa, with God’s love, Kate & I are only two of those individuals.


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