for ever and ever, amen.

Building up the kids.

ok, first of all i have to say a huge big thankyou to deborah von meding for this idea of getting each child in zanethemba to come up with 4 descriptive words for each other… we had a lot of fun doing this & have even brought it into rebuilding sibling relationships after there has been a strong disagreement! (the kids apologise & then come up with one thing they like about each other… a nice note to leave a disagreement on i think! 😉

In the last week, I had the privelege of meeting some project managers from around 8 different places of safety in Port Elizabeth (all non-profit organisations). What amazing people… all passionate & dedicated, and I was so grateful to Gert & Eline for allowing me to sit in on this one in order to get more of the “bigger picture” & the need for safe havens in this city. There was a lot of sharing, some encouraging & some not so much, but the bit that stood out the most to me was one lady at the very end who spoke. She said we mustn’t allow pressures/challenges to be our primary focus, but instead the fact that this is God’s Kingdom, He’s the King & He’s going to get His way. It reminded me when she spoke, of the last few lines of Jesus’ prayer: “for yours is the kingdom, the power & the glory, for ever & ever, amen.” It’s His! This whole initiative, this love, this compassion poured out for children, this mercy, this outpouring of love, power, provision, sustaining presence, it’s all His & He will have His way.

This amazing lady shared how she had been praying about the financial needs of her place of safety, & then God brought along someone who had won some European business award in France & had then decided to give this sum of money to her project. They can now finally afford to buy their own property. HA! 🙂 She said: “there i was praying for God to meet our needs through some people in PE, & God was thinking – actually – I’m going global.” 🙂 If our vision is Him, & the fact that He is the King of this Kingdom, & He is going to get his way because He loves his kids… then it means we’re coming from a place of knowing our identity as children of the King & knowing that our Father is THE only true Father of the fatherless, & He’s in the way of taking exceptionally good care of his children. He loves them so so much. He is a trustworthy Father.

We are so so blessed in this organisation to have wonderful support from back home, north & south of Ireland, & here in S.Africa. We simply couldn’t be doing this without each of you – THANKYOU! We have also really felt the blessing over these last weeks of our volunteers. On saturday I got to go to a hair salon with 2 of the girls staying with us here, as one of our volunteers wanted to bless them with getting their hair braided for Christmas. I have personally loved seeing their faces light up every time they get a compliment… every time someone comments that they look beautiful, the girls hearts fill up. Positive words really do bring life. Another one of our volunteers wrote us a letter this last week & in it, shared how much she loved being a part of Zanethemba. I was humbled so much to read that she had experienced a sense of belonging, of family & love & hope whilst spending time with us here. She doesn’t know Jesus yet. This made me so happy because I know this is not only “us” people are experiencing. Our prayer is that they are experiencing the very aroma & Spirit of God himself as he presences himself among us. In everything, He’s here.

I got to share how I came to know Jesus with a volunteer this week, & as I did I was blown away by the fact that no-one had invited me to share that in probably over a year. Whilst this shocked me, it also confirmed to me again that this is where we’re meant to be. During those “moments” of missing family & friends, someone asks how I came to know Jesus & I know this is where He has me. Whenever we welcome a child in his name, Jesus says we welcome him. I love how He chooses a child to reveal Himself through. We long for a day when we see people come to faith in Jesus through the love they see in this place, through the kids themselves, through his body – the church – literally being his hands & feet. I think it’s happening…

Of course there are difficult moments & yearnings for home. We do not in any shape or form have a “normal” life & sometimes I do crave the comfort of “normal”… but I also remember clearly the day directly after falling in love with Jesus for the first time, thinking “i dont think im going to have a normal life”… He wrecked everything in that heavenly way that only He can & im glad 🙂

We simply couldn’t be doing any of it without you all however, so yes, may you hear His voice again wooing you into even more & affirming & approving the core of who you are today. You are perfectly loved. & He’s going to get his way… 🙂 Happy Christmas!!! x


kate. x

1 thought on “for ever and ever, amen.

  1. I found this to be very moving and confirms for me once again that you both are in the right place, at the right time and doing the right thing. Joseph and Reuben will gain immensely from such diversity of experience.

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