Christmas Greetings!

We hope that you all have a wonderful, amazing, blessed Christmas, filled with revelation of the Father’s love for you. That he love’s you so much that He would choose to send his only Son for you. So that He, the Father, could have a relationship with you! We wish we could have sent a card to each and everyone of you, but alas we don’t have all your addresses, not to mention that we have just moved house and city. Add into this the vagaries of the postal system and we decided it would be best to send a card via the internet. Merry ChristmasChistmas card

We have been in PE now for 6 days. We have spent that time beginning to turn the house into Mihlali (pronounced Mi-Shla-Lee) Haven. We have been thrown into the world of top loading washing machines, building alterations and flea extermination. It is a dream come true. Every step we take towards welcoming children into Mihlali brings more joy and excitement.

We look forward to getting internet into the house in the new year so that we can be in better contact with everyone. In the meantime we wish you all a very special and amazing Christmas.

Love, The Cathcarts

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