Prayer Letter 19/09/11

God is so faithful! Two years & 5 months ago we were in Port Elizabeth for the first time. God used a friend of ours in Ireland to introduce us to a friend in PE who introduced us to Zanethemba. It was such a tangle of connections that only God could have worked out how to use it to His purpose. After 3 hours in Zanethemba we left. 7 months later we received an email out of the blue asking us to prayerfully consider with Zanethemba if God was calling us there. This invite was based on what God did during a short prayer time in Zanethemba. Since then God has led us forward small steps at a time & anytime we have come up against a barrier we could not move He has stepped in and effortlessly brushed it aside, while stretching & growing our faith. We have experienced His answer to prayer again & again & thank you so much for joining with us in prayer to see God’s Kingdom expand.

Our visas & flight itinerary are sitting beside me as I write this, we are leaving Northern Ireland in 11 days & flying out to Port Elizabeth 5 days after that. This is no longer a dream but reality. We can no longer sit back & dream fuzzy dreams of working with these children, we now have to do it & count the cost. The most difficult aspect now lies ahead of us, saying good bye. Right now we need prayer more than at any other stage so far in this journey.

At this time could you please pray for:

  • Praise God for His faithfulness & provision.
  • God’s wisdom in how to say our goodbyes to family & friends in a healthy way.
  • God’s protection for our boys as they say good bye, that He would be their rock & security.
  • Joseph, that he would not find the emotions of saying good bye distressing.
  • That God would continue to grow our monthly support; we currently need 32 more donations of £10 a month.
  • For our family & friends, that God would pour out grace on them as they release us to go.
  • Protection from the enemy for all four of us.
  • That God would heal Kate of her diabetes.
  • That intimacy with Jesus would always be our focus & vision…

Thank you for your time & prayers,

Richie, Kate, Joseph & Reuben

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